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No More Duct Leaks With Our New Three-Part System

Sealing Joints Between Ducts – It’s a Snap with our Leak-free gaskets

LF1The molded Nitrile gaskets slip easily onto one end of the duct and are connected with a standard QF clamp to form a tight and re-useable seal. Note the direction of the airflow when installing the duct.


LF2Wipe rolled edge with clean cloth. Then apply a high tack gasket adhesive per the manufacturer’s instructions. High tack gasket adhesives can be purchased locally at industrial or automotive suppliers in either aerosol spray or brushable formulations.

Carefully place the gasket along the rolled edge of the part, being careful to avoid kinks or voids. Only one gasket is needed per joint.

LF3Join the gasketed end of the pipe to a non-gasketed end of the next part in the ducting run using a standard QF clamp. The oil-mist gasket, in addition to the gasket inside the QF clamp, provides dual protection against leakage.


Leak-Free Gasket – Technical Data

  • General purpose oil resistant polymer
  • Performs well with many oil, water and hydraulic fluid applications
  • Good tear resistance
  • Available in 4”-10” diameter. Only even sizes in 12”-24” diameter
  • Should not be used with solvents such as acetone, MEK, ozone, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and nitro hydrocarbons
  • Conducts Electricity

1. ASTM D-2000 M2BG510 A24 B34 EO14 EO34 EF11 EF21

Temperature Range:
Low Temperature Range: -30° F to +225° F
Intermittent: +280° F

The QF Leak Free O-ring for use with our Adjustable-Length Duct

The patented Nordfab “adjustable nipple” provides unlimited flexibility in the length of a duct run.

  1. Cut a standard piece of pipe to length and insert it into the short adjustable nipple section. This assembly will telescope to any length. Place the soft grey o-ring seal onto the cut (inside) piece of pipe and seat it evenly against the rolled metal edge of the adjustable nipple.
  2. Place the harder black o-ring seal against the outside of the inner grey seal. The order should be as follows:
    1. rolled edge or nipple; against
    2. soft, small-diameter o-ring; against
    3. standard Nordfab o-ring
  3. Finally clamp the standard QF clamp over the rolled metal edge of the adjustable nipple and the hard rolled black o-ring for a leak-free connection. [Make sure both seals fit completely under the clamp and that the air flows from the cut pipe towards the adjustable nipple].

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O-rings Technical Data

Leak-Free O-ring

Leak-Free O-ring

Leak-Free O-ring

  • Resists corrosion from weather
  • Performs well with many oils and chemicals
  • Can’t be damaged by flexing and twisting

1. ASTM D-1056-68……………..SBE43
2. ASTM D-1056-85, 91, 98………2B3

Temperature Range:
Low Temperature Range: -30oF to 225oF
Intermittent: +280° F

Standard O-ring

Standard O-ring

Standard O-ring

  • Recommended for petroleum oils and fluids,water, greases, and oils

1. ASTM D2000 M2BG510 A14 B14 EA14 EO14 EO34 F17

Temperature Range:
Low Temperature Range: -30oF to 225oF
Intermittent: 250° F

Custom Parts – High Quality Duct with Epoxy Caulking

Nordfab’s laser welded longitudinal seams are guaranteed to be leak proof. To ensure that other welds and gores on branches, elbows, and other custom parts are leak-free, Nordfab uses a patented epoxy caulking. These parts can be installed in seconds using the standard QF clamp and the between-the-joint gaskets.


*Due to variables beyond our control, Nordfab cannot guarantee a leak proof system in all installations, even when using the Epoxy caulk & “leak free” gaskets. Some of the variables that impact this include: the craftsmanship of the duct installation, the chemicals within the duct, and the expertise of the designer.